The Weather, She Is Warming

It’s starting to get warmer out there!

For many, that means finally getting off the trainer…away from the dreadmill…into open water.  In other words:

Go Outside!

What a great time of the year.  It’s finally warm enough to do the things we love outside.  Kids are playing baseball, non-cyclists are riding their beach cruisers all over the place, and the temperatures are rising.  You can smell the barbeques every time you ride or run near a park, and the rest of the world has come out of hibernation.

All these things are fantastic!

One thing to remember, though, is that you have to watch your electrolyte balance this time of year.  Those of us that are inclined to cramping find ourselves grabbing our calves, quads, etc in screaming agony more often as the temps shoot up.

Logically, this makes sense.  When it’s warmer, we sweat more.  If you live in an extreme environment such as Arizona or Florida, you really realize how much you sweat based on the look and feel of your clothing as you go about your day!  Ha!  But even if you don’t live in that sort of environment, you are probably sweating more than you think.

So, the bottom line is that it’s time to ensure you keep your electrolytes in check.  Our favorite source is, of course, e21.  That’s probably not a surprise on the e21 site!  Ha!  But we bring this product to you because we use it, not the other way around.

My Top 3 Reason I Prefer Recovery e21

1.  No added sugars.  Sports drinks are great and all, as are some of our competitor’s products, but I personally don’t need to add an unnecessary 14g of sugar per serving to my diet.

2.  All natural.  Again, with all due respect to any competitive products, e21 is all natural, all organic, and formulated from micro-algae.  I don’t need or want any “added” fillers or other crap in my electrolyte products.

3.  They work.  It’s as simple as that.  I’ve been on a ride and started to feel crampy, I pop 2 e21 and within a few minutes those cramping feeling subside.  Cool deal!

So there you have it.  The temperatures are rising, which means more cramping issues for the next several months.  Stock up on your favorite electrolyte replacement and be prepared….it’s no fun being caught without any supplies when cramps set in!