IronMan and Discussing Feelings Don’t Mix

IronMan Coeur d’Alene is the plan of the day around here, and it got me thinking about racing and training.

We recently discussed getting too much or too little electrolytes, but that’s not really the topic for today.  What I wanted to discuss today was…how those things make us FEEL.  And how important is that in an endurance event?

Feelings, Really?

I know, this may not be what you’re expecting to see in regards to long-distance racing.  But how we feel can greatly impact how we race.  So, yes, let’s talk about feelings!

If we think about this logically, when we feel good we…well, feel good!  During a race, this can equate to riding straighter, riding stronger, and with more confidence.  Then, when we get off the bike, we run stronger and with better posture.  Does this not impact performance?

I’ve never seen any studies, but it absolutely has to!  Just think about these 2 scenarios:

  1. Your electrolytes are low, and you are “slogging” through the race.  Everything hurts, you feel tired and bonky, and in general just lose interest in being there.
  2. Your electrolytes are balanced, you feel great, everyone cheers you along, you’re smiling, and everything is clicking – you’re in the zone.

Which scenario sounds like a faster finish time?

Call me crazy, but I think feelings actually matter a LOT.