I’m Grumpy When I’m Injured

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted…and that’s because I ended up with an injury.

After returning from our epic triathlon camp, the next week or two went really well.  Things were on a roll!  Then, on one day, I did a strength training session followed immediately by a long swim.  Halfway through the swim I was really struggling to pull with my left arm, which just made me laugh because I had done a lot of arms during my strength session.

However, later that day at home I was trying to reach for something in a cupboard and couldn’t pick my arm up over shoulder level.  Like, physically could not do it as it was “stuck”.  Uh oh.  Of course I set out with the usual triathlete self-help routine – rolling/trigger ball/self torture and ice.

The next day was worse.

So, I went to get ART therapy, and was making improvements.  To shorten a VERY long story, the pain moved around quite a bit and was in my shoulder, then my back, then my neck.  Ugh.  Here I was getting into the peak of training for IronMan Arizona…and I was missing workouts like crazy.

This is not good.

Then I realized I’m grumpy beyond belief when I’m injured, and do not want to write for the life of me!  I suppose there’s some humor in there somewhere, but I’m not feeling it yet.

So… that’s a long way to say “I’m sorry” I disappeared for awhile.

I did complete IronMan Arizona, but will save that tale for next time.  Probably the next 2-3 times, as it was quite a day with a lot to talk about.

To further the discussion from last time (it was about electrolyte depletion, as a reminder) I found some interesting things happening in terms of muscle cramps.  I expected that I would cramp less, as I wasn’t working out as much.  That would make sense, right?

Well…I was cramping MORE!  I do think I know why, though.  I was so focused on my shoulder/neck/back issue that I wasn’t doing my daily routine of rolling and torturing my feet.  Without that TLC…my feet simply weren’t up to the task of that swimming pool wall.

So, I’m back.  And I’ll try not to be grumpy and disappear anymore, even if I do get injured.  Right now I’m solidly in the off-season which, for me, means some recovery time, adult beverages, and working out only once-a-day for awhile.  With no set schedule, just as I feel.  It’s freeing to train that way for a bit!