What causes cramping?

    Research indicates that there are several different reasons why cramp occurs. Imbalance of salts and minerals such as sodium and potassium is one well-recognised risk factor. A deficiency of electrolytes such as magnesium that the body’s muscles require to work properly. Poor circulation is another, and pregnant women are also particularly prone to cramp.

    Recovery e21 is the only electrolyte supplement that is organic and 100% natural. It contains 114 trace elements and minerals so it ensures your body has the full complement of necessary electrolytes to prevent muscle cramps. A daily serve will ensure essential minerals are always in balance and painful cramping will no longer exist.

    What are the different types of cramps?

    There are different kinds of cramp that people suffer from such as night cramps or nocturnal cramps, athletic cramps, irregular cramps and heat cramps. These cramps can occur in all muscles of the body but are most commonly reported in legs, predominantly calves, thighs or buttocks.

    What does Magnesium do?

    If you’re a regular sufferer of leg cramps, running calf cramps and night time leg cramps and have tried ‘almost everything’, then perhaps the ‘lullaby’ mineral, magnesium, may have some benefits for you.

    It has an active role in muscle contraction and relaxation and deficiencies of magnesium are associated with a higher risk of coronary artery disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and fatigue.

    If you believe you may not be obtaining close to the daily RDA of Magnesium you should take a look at supplementing with a good electrolyte replacement product that has a good serve of magnesium and also getting a check up with your local GP.

    What is the RDA of Magnesium?

    Magnesium is found in foods such as leafy green vegetables, mixed nuts and whole grains and you need at least 320 mg/day for women and 420 mg/day for men to get the RDA . . . more if you have an active life.

    Recovery e21 contains 60mg of elemental magnesium in each serve and is 100% natural and organic. It is part of our desire to ensure that our customers have the best chance of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

    How quickly should you get relief after using e21?

    An easy to take vege capsule of Recovery e21 will be available to your body within 30 minutes

    How much to I need to take?

    It is suggested that one serve of Recovery e21 or one capsule daily will be sufficient to provide relief from painful cramping. However, this depends on your diet and may change after consultation with your doctor.


    Recovery e21:

    •   contains a full spectrum of electrolytes that are immediately bio-available, and are in perfect balance.
    •   is completely organic, rather than manufactured or synthetic.
    •   contains no sugar, no fat, and no preservatives and is vegan friendly.
    •   contains 93 other trace elements and minerals needed for rapid absorption and utilization.
    •   allows you to maintain hydration, without risking over hydration.
    •   has a positive effect on body and mind because it supports the conductivity of both neural and muscular tissues.
    •   minimizes or eliminates the risk of muscle soreness and cramping.

    Electrolytes – What are they?

    Electrolytes are essential for optimum muscle function. They help you rehydrate, and allow the electricity that flows through your body to move from cell to cell.

    Your body’s main electrolytes are sodium, chloride, calcium, potassium and magnesium. As they are lost during exercise, they need to be replaced to keep your muscles functioning. Recovery

    e21 not only replaces electrolytes lost through sweating, but also gives you 93 other minerals essential to good health and optimum performance.

    Electrolyte balance – Is this important?

    Yes! You need a mixture of all the main electrolytes to function at optimum level. For instance, sodium, potassium and calcium are required for muscle contraction, while magnesium is needed for muscular relaxation. If there are insufficient levels of these flowing through the ionic channels in the cells, muscle contraction and relaxation will be poor and imbalanced which will lead to muscular cramping, fatigue and poor performance.

    Most electrolyte replacement drinks contain only sodium, potassium and chloride, leaving you without essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. Recovery e21 provides all these minerals, along with 16 other electrolytes and 93 other trace minerals. See our Facts page for full details.

    Electrolytes overload – Is this a problem?

    The good news is that your body’s excretory system is actually designed to rid the body of excess electrolytes. The sweat glands, kidneys and other excretory organs all contribute to getting rid of any excess. If, of course, you have adequate renal and organ function!

    In a healthy person, this is known as electrolyte homeostasis, and means that the body has neither a shortage nor an excess of the electrolytes it needs to function. The process of regulating this electrolyte homeostasis is hormonal, and controlled by a variety of hormones secreted from the endocrine glands.

    So, if you are healthy, your body will naturally work to keep your electrolyte levels in balance, provided you are consuming enough electrolytes.


    How will I know if I need to take electrolytes after training and competing?

    If you sweat during your exercise, you are losing electrolytes. The longer you exercise, the more electrolytes you will need to replace. You can monitor your weight before and after you exercise on a regular basis to determine your fluid and electrolyte requirements. It is important to remember that your requirements may be completely different to your other competitors.

    How do I know if I am dehydrated?

    The immediate symptoms of dehydration are tiredness, irritability, cramps, headaches and poor concentration as well as feeling thirsty. Remember that thirst is not the first symptom so you are already dehydrated if you are thirsty.

    Can I take Recovery e21 with Gatorade?

    Yes, you can use Gatorade with Recovery e21. Gatorade supplies you with the glucose and energy you need to train and compete successfully. Recovery e21 is essential for repairing and restoring balance to metabolism after the exercise.

    Who should use Recovery e21?

    Recovery e21 should be taken be anyone that plays sport, exercises or sweats for periods longer than 30 minutes.

    Loading up – How can I use Recovery e21 to optimize my training and performance?

    It can be taken every day (2 capsules/day) to ensure you have sufficient macro- and micronutrient intake to optimize your performance.

    Can I take Recovery e21 while I’m training?

    Yes. And if you are a runner the capsules are portable and can be taken easily with fluid during and after training and on race day.


    Bio-availability – Why is it important?

    Bio-availability is the amount of the mineral that is actually available to the body to use in metabolic functioning. Minerals are derived from rock and soil, and processed by living things (plants and algae) into organic compounds that we can eat and absorb and use in metabolism. Therefore, Recovery e21 is a natural bio-available source of minerals.

    A serving – What is contained in a serve of Recovery e21?

    A serve of Recovery e21 is 1 capsule. Please refer to the supplement facts for a complete list of the 21 elements included.

    Dehydration – Will Recovery e21 help prevent me becoming dehydrated?

    Yes, Recovery e21 will help prevent dehydration and delay the onset of fatigue better than water alone.

    Water – What is the problem with just drinking water?

    If you are sweating for extended periods of time and only replacing the water, you will become deficient in sodium. This is called hyponatremia and can be serious.

    Digestion – Is Recovery e21 easily digested without side effects?

    Recovery e21 is easily digestible with no stomach upset or nausea that may be found when consuming other electrolyte supplements.

    Who may benefit from Recovery e21?

    Recovery e21 and its full spectrum of electrolytes have been specially formulated to replace electrolytes lost by training and competition and everyday activities.

    Recovery e21 may also provide a valuable source of nutrients to people who:

    •   may be nutrient deficient
    •   have a low fruit and vegetable diet
    •   need more antioxidants in their diet
    •   have low vitality or a poor immune system
    •   want to help maintain healthy skin and eyes
    •   are tired, stressed, active and busy who need more nutritional support
    •   want to boost their daily nutrient intake and help reduce the risk of chronic disease


    What is Dunaliella Salina?

    Dunaliella Salina is a soft wall, single cell, edible species of marine microalgae found in the remote coastal waters off north Western Australia.

    Research has shown microalgae such as Dunaliella Salina to be the most nutrient-dense food on earth, with minimal digestible structures in contrast to higher plants or animals or microalgae with hard cell walls.

    What are marine microalgae?

    Marine microalgae are a nutrient-dense natural food and medicine that has been used safely for thousands of years by the Aztecs, some African and Asian peoples and South Pacific islanders.

    Today the nutritional and health benefits of algae are being rediscovered and ancient healthcare wisdom is being actively reintroduced into modern healthcare treatments.

    Examples of a popular edible algae promoting good health used around the world include Spirulina.

    So how does Dunaliella salina compare to Spirulina?

    Dunaliella salina is arguably the most nutrient dense food source known. On a gram per gram basis, Dunaliella salina can contain more than twice the chlorophyll of Spirulina, 8 times the mineral content and over 6,000 times the antioxidant content.

    What forms does Recovery e21 come in?

    Recovery e21 comes in a 500 mg capsule. This makes it extremely light, portable and easy to carry anywhere, even on the most rugged of terrains.

    What does Recovery e21 taste and smell like?

    Since it is a naturally derived mineral matrix from the sea, it smells and tastes like the sea.

    What does e21 stand for?

    E – stands for electrolytes
    21 – 21 is the number is electrolytes and trace minerals found in Recovery 21.

    There are also 93 other micronutrients which are important for proper growth, development, and physiology.