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How to Cure a Hangover

Celebrations happen all year long. From birthday parties to promotions at the office and even chocolate and wine with your love on Valentine’s Day. It seems like we’re always in some sort of celebration season.  The reasons to party go on; holidays and holiday parties, even Aunt Sally loves getting hammered and dancing naked around the backyard on 4th of July. A weeknight dinner out with friends and coworkers can turn into a stop off for a fun night cap at a local pub; we know that it takes a lot to not to indulge in your favorite libation when given a reason to celebrate!

man with a hangoverEspecially when it comes to tossing your head back under the Fireball machine! That’s when you really know the party has started, we all want to enjoy the company we’re with and be able to knock back a few without waking up feeling like we were a part of the Crash Test Dummy team the night before.

The solution seems simple. Just don’t do it, right? Well, in a perfect world yes, that would be true. However, the next morning is so painful, we always vow that we will Never. Drink. Again. But, almost 95% of us will do it again, and again, and again. While we’re out carrying on like a wild bunch of free teenagers during spring break, the last thing we think about is what we’ll feel like later.

There are good things and bad things to do when trying a new remedy for such a painful assault on our bodies. The first thing we tend to do is search the internet for the best hangover cure only to come up with ideas for hangover prevention with no solid results. Again, prevention is not drinking at all. We know that one is out!

Here’s a list of 3 of the top things we’ve found on how to cure a hangover. One might turn your stomach, another one will have you running the other way and the last one is definitely a sure (our) way to make it through your party knowing you’ll be just fine the next day and in nearly perfect form.

Greasy Food:

One myth as described in this article by Two Views explains that people think they should eat greasy food the next morning and you’ll be fine.

If you understand the science behind what actually causes a hangover, you’ll understand that it all starts in the liver. Your liver can only process so much alcohol over a period of time and the rest of alcohol by products end up in your blood stream. It’s these left overs that make us feel so horrible the next day. So it’s suggested that if you consume fatty foods before you start drinking that quadruple margarita on the rocks will take longer to process in your system.

Things like bread and pasta help slow the absorption rate of alcohol into your liver. So go ahead, eat that giant extra cheese with bacon, ham and corned beef burger. You’re going to feel like a slug anyway, right? You may as well skip that fancy footwork you’ve been practicing all week because you won’t be the dancing queen you imagined after a meal like that.

Sure if you were to carb load with a huge pasta dish with a side of tasty garlic bread, you might avoid hurling before bed. But can you just imagine what that is going to feel like before you stroll out for your party? You’re not going to want to go anywhere, that’s for sure. And if you wait to eat until you’re at the party—you don’t want to end up looking like you’re eating your last meal for goodness sake.

We aren’t saying to skip your dinner or meal before you eat, everyone knows that it’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach. So this cure to the pending doom of a hangover you’re bound to have in the morning, we’re not so excited about.

IV Therapy:

Yes, you read that right. For fast track jet setters it’s trended in Twitter and all over social media lately that stars like Rhianna, Rita Ora and Simon Cowell have used this method to feel better and stay energized. As a result we’re seeing the emergence of a new trend as Urgent Care clinics all over the country are starting to treat hangovers with an intravenous saline drip.

Throbbing headaches, nausea and all over body malaise are all symptoms that seem to dissipate quickly once you finally are able to be seen. But don’t expect your insurance to cover you on this one. You’ll pay upwards of $200 (OUCH!) out of pocket just to feel better so you can make roll call to an early morning meeting in near peek shape.

This isn’t a new concept though, according to this video by the Associated Press, Hangover Heaven, which started in Vegas on the strip in 2012, will come to your hotel room or service your hangover needs inside their bus on the strip via IV drip.

Let’s just cut to the chase on this one. I don’t know about you—but I hate needles!! I’m going to run from anything that has to do with them! The last thing I’m going to want to do when I feel that crappy is go and have an IV put in my arm!! And.. I’m not in Vegas or even remotely want to spend $200 for a doctor visit I don’t need. Isn’t there a better way to cure a hangover?

Simple answer is yes there is a better way. And it’s not only better, it’s the best thing for a hangover available on the market today.

Electrolyte Replacement Products are becoming more well known as a hangover cure. Adding electrolytes before and while drinking is the key to the best hangover prevention.


You’re probably wondering why we’d discuss a topic like a hangover on our health and fitness site. Well, we have a good reason to. Most people don’t know

that Recovery e21 is an amazing cure for hangovers.

Here’s why it works:

Dehydration and the alcohol toxins that are left in our bodies are what cause the majority of our hangover issues. Recovery e21 is an all organic way to rehydrate with a full spectrum of electrolytes. It helps replace minerals in your tissues that support full electronic impulses that aids in moving those toxins out and hydration in. If you don’t trust us, just read some of our many customer reviews on our Facebook page.

Now you can party like a rock star and know you’ll be just fine. It’s easy! Take 2 tablets with a full glass of water before you head out the door and repeat with the same before you go to bed! Hangover prevention is just around the corner. This little known secret happens to be the best hangover cure on the market today! Give it a try!

Unfortunately, e21 is no longer available.  Please try an alternate HERE.

graphic of electrical pulses in a brain

Electrolyte Imbalance, the Perfect Storm That Stops the Fiesta

This article will bring you an unprecedented view of the entire electrolyte system as we know the best decision for determining a solution is a well-informed one. Yes, we’ve heard the story many times. You’re searching the internet to relieve some irritating symptoms you have and your self-diagnosis brings you to find that you might have an electrolyte imbalance. Next, you start to search for a strong electrolyte solution.

While we know that the symptoms you may be experiencing can be more than menacing, (and in some cases life threatening) choosing a solution to your electrolyte imbalance issue that will actually work can be tough. Especially if you don’t thoroughly understand what that is all about.

Like you, we’ve been researching as well. In fact, we’re confident that after you invest your time learning from this article, you’ll be on your way to understanding that finding the best electrolyte replacement is easier to find that you thought.

We are energy

electrical brain pulse graphicWe are walking, talking electricity generating human machines. Our bodies function on electrical impulses that control every movement and everything we do from thinking a thought to picking up a glass, to reading this article. Without the energy that is created in our bodies, our leg wouldn’t move when we want to take a step or we wouldn’t feel a pin prick by an accidental poking. Oh, and our heart would stop beating and our brain would just literally shut down. (Insert record skip here)

How the body makes electricity

Our cells are made up of atoms. Atoms are the foundation of matter. Our bodies are matter, thus atoms make up our bodies. Okay, now that has been established we also know that it takes a strong jolt of electricity to jump start a heart when it stops beating and that there are electrical pulses in our bodies which help our brain function, but did you know that the body actually makes its own electricity? It doesn’t just exist in our bodies, we actually generate it.

To make this easy, think of an atom similar to that of an apple. When an apple is cut open at the center you’ll find the core or nucleus. Now imagine that inside the flesh of the apple you’ll find the three amigos; a positive charged proton, a neutral charged neutron and negative charged electron. These three work together to create an atmosphere that is ever changing, yet incredibly predictable.

Let’s get this party started

The three amigos are charged energy infused atoms that can’t help but start a little fiesta and dance the night away. As they move about, we find that one of the three amigos becomes the dominant charge and causes the atom to take on that characteristic of energy; persuading it to become either a positive or negative atom which then wobbles out of balance. Next like little fist bumps, the atoms dance and jostle against each other, causing the exchange of electricity that flows between and through them to move at supersonic speeds.

Just how fast is that? Faster than a Mexican jumping bean, that’s for sure. As quickly as they bump into one another they exchange charges back and forth from a positive to a negative, to a positive to a negative and so on….nearly instantaneous. That’s supersonic fast!

As the fiesta continues the atoms really start to boogie, this kind of fancy footwork generates enough energy to put those atoms inside a micro space shuttle, if you will, that transports that energy as signals throughout our nervous system taking the dance party on the road. This makes it possible for our body to function. However, those signals need the perfect environment to help keep the highway open and move to their next destination without disruption or misfires.

Enter the importance of blood minerals

We’ve been taught all of our lives on the importance to take our daily vitamin pack that is full of all the good vitamins and minerals that we’re supposed to need. However, what you probably don’t know is that without minerals the awesome supersonic fast energy that’s created by the three amigos has no way to travel throughout your body to keep your heart beating and your brain functioning.

Minerals create the highway so the three amigos (energy) can safely travel in their shuttle through your blood and nervous system to their final destination. The highway needs to stay clear and free of road construction to keep flowing. Minerals help regulate water and fluids which convey and assist the three amigos in their micro space shuttle (energy signals) that were blasted from the nervous system, to stay on track. One clog or misfire and a traffic jam occurs preventing the three amigos from traveling their intended distance and the dance party comes to a halt. While in most cases that might not be life threatening, the results of several traffic jams could be very difficult on your body causing electrolyte imbalance.

What are electrolytes and are they all equal?

There is a class of blood minerals whose primary role is to carry an electric charge and keep the body functioning properly. These are electrolytes. They maintain muscle movement, blood chemistry and a host of other body processes. In our Supplement Comparison we list all the different types of minerals that are imperative for maintaining a healthy and balanced cellular system.

Next, there is no such thing as a strong electrolyte. One is not stronger than the other, but they are not equal either. They are simply part of the family of minerals, each with a specific role in the balance of your body.

The two types of electrolytes

Macro minerals are electrolytes that are needed in large quantities as they have a bigger role to fill. They are specific to bones, muscles, and heart and brain functions. These are sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, potassium and phosphate.

Trace minerals are also electrolytes and are needed in small quantities but are still important. Trace minerals are specific for regulating hormone levels and metabolism. Trace minerals are iodine, chromium, selenium, zinc, copper, iron, fluoride, manganese and molybdenum.

So again, you see that they aren’t all equal and what you need depends completely on what role they play and how they’re out of balance—which is indicative of electrolyte imbalance symptoms.

What is electrolyte imbalance?

As we shared in our previous article on “Why Does Our Body Need Electrolytes”, at the point that our electrolytes become out of balance, we can either endelectrolyte system in a body up with an overabundance of certain electrolytes or not quite enough that create the perfect storm for misfires and causes the micro space shuttle transporting the fiesta and three amigos to stop. Thus the energy pulses are not fulfilling their destinies of reaching their intended targets and the symptoms is this imbalance appear.

Electrolyte imbalance happens from not getting enough fluids or sweating from heavy exercise to having a tummy bug that causes dehydration. It can cause seizures, chest pain and swelling. Or, electrolytes can fall out of balance by over indulging in your favorite mojito during happy hour after work on a Friday night causing a hangover you promised yourself you’d never have twice! Once electrolytes are out of balance everything from severe leg cramps to extreme fatigue and headaches interrupt your daily routine. Even worse, they can cause heart and kidney issues.

Cancer patients that are taking chemotherapy drugs also suffer from electrolyte imbalance from TLS or tumor lysis syndrome. The common side effects of taking chemotherapy drugs are fever, diarrhea, vomiting and loss of bodily fluids among others. With TLS, these symptoms increase fatigue, dehydration, renal failure and other complications from anticancer treatments. Taking a daily electrolyte replacement supplement may help alleviate the additional complications to these common side effects of the chemotherapy medications, bringing some welcomed relief to an already uncomfortable treatment.

We’re excited about this possible solution and our research team is exploring this further. We will report our findings as soon as they become available.

One product to count on               

No matter which electrolyte is out of balance, taking a daily supplement will help regulate all of the systems that are dependent on both macro minerals and trace minerals. Eating a few bananas or drinking your daily dose of Gatorade won’t actually do the trick in ending your search to find the best electrolyte replacement. If that is your goal, then we’re thrilled that you’ve stumbled upon this article that will help you restore your good health and balance with Recovery e21.

We’d like you to take another look at the Supplement Comparison chart. Here we have stacked ourselves against our competition to show you that mineral for mineral, Recovery e21 is the best electrolyte replacement by far for daily relief of your symptoms.

Recovery e21 is an organic, natural daily supplement that contains a full spectrum of all the electrolytes (114 elements to be exact!) needed to restore your health and fluid balance keeping the energy signals flowing throughout your system. It gives you the support you need without drinking heavy, sugary drinks or extra fluids that you have no desire of consuming.

Recovery e21 is bio available—meaning it’s available to your body when it’s needed the most. It’s made from the ocean–containing NO artificial colors, preservatives or fillers, Recovery e21 is truly the result of years of research bringing you the best solution to your electrolyte imbalance symptoms.

We’ve provided you a deep look into the science behind our research and have given you a solid electrolyte imbalance solution. We’re confident that this is the solution you’ve been searching for as we’ve experienced bringing relief to hundreds of people suffering from electrolyte imbalance.

We’re not afraid to proclaim that Recovery e21 is the absolute best electrolyte replacement available anywhere! We’ll back that up with our 100% guarantee. Click here to shop now!

The Weather, She Is Warming

It’s starting to get warmer out there!

For many, that means finally getting off the trainer…away from the dreadmill…into open water.  In other words:

Go Outside!

What a great time of the year.  It’s finally warm enough to do the things we love outside.  Kids are playing baseball, non-cyclists are riding their beach cruisers all over the place, and the temperatures are rising.  You can smell the barbeques every time you ride or run near a park, and the rest of the world has come out of hibernation.

All these things are fantastic!

One thing to remember, though, is that you have to watch your electrolyte balance this time of year.  Those of us that are inclined to cramping find ourselves grabbing our calves, quads, etc in screaming agony more often as the temps shoot up.

Logically, this makes sense.  When it’s warmer, we sweat more.  If you live in an extreme environment such as Arizona or Florida, you really realize how much you sweat based on the look and feel of your clothing as you go about your day!  Ha!  But even if you don’t live in that sort of environment, you are probably sweating more than you think.

So, the bottom line is that it’s time to ensure you keep your electrolytes in check.  Our favorite source is, of course, e21.  That’s probably not a surprise on the e21 site!  Ha!  But we bring this product to you because we use it, not the other way around.

My Top 3 Reason I Prefer Recovery e21

1.  No added sugars.  Sports drinks are great and all, as are some of our competitor’s products, but I personally don’t need to add an unnecessary 14g of sugar per serving to my diet.

2.  All natural.  Again, with all due respect to any competitive products, e21 is all natural, all organic, and formulated from micro-algae.  I don’t need or want any “added” fillers or other crap in my electrolyte products.

3.  They work.  It’s as simple as that.  I’ve been on a ride and started to feel crampy, I pop 2 e21 and within a few minutes those cramping feeling subside.  Cool deal!

So there you have it.  The temperatures are rising, which means more cramping issues for the next several months.  Stock up on your favorite electrolyte replacement and be prepared….it’s no fun being caught without any supplies when cramps set in!


Symptoms of Electrolytes Imbalance

Electrolytes, specifically in the body, are salts and minerals (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Chloride) that aid in many bodily functions.  They help control heart and nerve functions, as well as muscle control.  Most importantly, they help the body absorb fluids and maintain a balance of electrolytes.

What causes Electrolyte Imbalance?off balance scale

Hyper and Hyponatremia are excessive and insufficient levels of sodium and a common electrolyte imbalance in athletes.  With excessive exercise and high sweat levels, the body is depleted of most electrolytes, but the first warning signs are thirst.  Our body’s brain will send signals to drink, and sometimes drinking too much water without adding back in the lost electrolytes.

Hot weather may also cause a shift in how the body functions and change levels of electrolytes and fluids in the body.

Vomiting and diarrhea associated with flu like symptoms and other illnesses can cause electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.  It is important to restore these essential minerals before they lead to more serious medical conditions.

What are symptoms of electrolyte imbalance?

Some of the first signs of electrolyte imbalance are similar to heat exhaustion, dehydration or overtraining.  Dizziness and fatigue, nausea and inability or desire to eat as well as trembling or hands shaking.  Typically these are quickly and easily treatable by consuming a a sports drink as well as taking other essential electrolytes like magnesium.  These can be found in many fruits that can be easily digested like different melons.  There are also many electrolyte supplements that can be taken in a pill form and easily digested for quick relief of the above symptoms.

More serious symptoms that may occur after prolonged electrolyte imbalance should be treated immediately.  Constipation, dark urine or lack of urine, bad breath, inability to perspire and muscle weakness.

If these symptoms persist they may cause serious and possibly life-threatening dehydration and should be taken very seriously.  If you begin to be confused, and have a rapidly increasing heart beat these are past warning signs and you should seek medical attention immediately for treatment.

Is there a way to test for Electrolyte Imbalances?

If you are concerned about your electrolyte levels and have experienced regular symptoms your physician may recommend a blood screen to test your electrolyte levels.  This will typically be a blood and urine panel checking sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride & phosphorous levels.  The test results will help you make changes to your diet and possibly adjust any current medications that might be blocking electrolyte and fluid absorption in the body.

Electrolytes in Food

Eating a healthy balanced diet is the best way to ensure you are getting your daily intake of all essential vitamins and minerals.  While some athletes will need to supplement their diets, having knowledge of which foods have the highest nutritional content should be considered first.

Electrolytes are needed to regulate nerve and muscle function as well as maintain fluid balance.  They can be lost with excessive exercise via sweat, particularly in extreme heat.

Liquid electrolyte drinks:

When you hear about electrolytes and electrolyte replenishment you probably first think of a sports drink.  Gatorade or Vitamin water.  They are a great quick fix, but are most often only going to replace sodium and potassium loss.  I would think of these drinks as a sort of band-aid, but there are a lot more factors needed to bring the body back to a balanced state.

Orange Juice is another great source.  It has a great amount of potassium as well as vitamin C which is not an electrolyte, but it is full of antioxidants that help promote reduction in free radical damage caused my exercise.

Another natural source of electrolytes found in a drink comes from coconut water.  It’s full of potassium and a small amount of sodium similar to a sports drink, but without the additional sugar intake.

Green Leafy Veggies:

When looking for a good salad choice, or greens to add to your smoothies or juice recipes, reach for the bigger and darker greens.  Kale, Swiss chard, and arugula are all great sources of calcium which is important in the transmission of nerve impulses.

Leafy veggies are all great sources of Magnesium that also helps support bone development and muscle and nerve function.

Sodium Rich (healthy) foods:

Above we mentioned sports and other electrolyte drinks being great sources for sodium, but there are also foods that you may already eat regularly that contain high amounts of sodium without the additional sugar of a sports drink.

Tuna fish, salmon, and whole grain breads are great higher sodium foods that are low in saturated fat and have higher amounts of protein as well.  You can also use certain condiments like pickles and olives to add flavorful sodium.

As a side note, have you ever tasted a salty dill pickle after a long workout in the heat?   Try it!  It will help that “salt” craving!

Other Fruits and Vegetables that contain electrolytes:

Nuts , cereals, beans, and oats are all high in Magnesium.  Sweet potatoes, bananas and spinach are all great sources of potassium that can be used as staples with a meal.  Snacking on fruits like cantaloupe, grapes and berries are also great sources of potassium.

As you can see it is pretty easy to find natural sources of the essential electrolytes needed in your daily diet.  Making a point to eat REAL food like fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains will be your best way to not only have a balanced diet, but also replenish electrolytes.

What is electrolyte depletion?

Many body functions rely on electrolytes to work properly.  They are chemicals that form electrically charged ions in body fluids.  So, if we need them to function, but we are losing these ions via sweat or other loss of liquid it is pretty easy to understand how our body would respond negatively, right?

What are some signs of electrolyte depletion?

Muscle cramps are the most common signs, however, some people are extremely fortunate enough (yay!  I am one of them), that do not suffer from these warnings.  I suppose this could also be considered a downside to not getting cramps (if that’s possible) in contrast.  How would I know if my body is not properly replenished if I’m not cramping?

woman sweating in the desertVery salty sweat could be another warming sign, this is usually coincided with excessive thirst and or craving salty foods and drinks.  Your body will swell (bloated belly) and typically you aren’t urinating nearly as much as normal (this would very individual, of course). Headaches are a symptom I have personally experienced, and if my electrolytes are not quickly replenished those headaches are often followed with nausea and or confusion.

What to do to prevent it?

There are several ways to prevent these symptoms, first and foremost is staying hydrated.  Limit your alcohol consumption (alcohol will encourage dehydration and electrolyte loss).  Eat a healthy diet high in those minerals lost through sweat like;  bananas, sweet potatoes (potassium), quinoa, pumpkin & sunflower seeds (magnesium), and tomato sauce (sodium).

And, if preventative measures still do not reduce your symptoms you may also take supplements that will help restore these electrolytes both on a daily basis as well as taking them during exercise, like these products to restore electrolyte balance.

Should I just go eat a Cheeseburger?

Think of it as not necessarily the gas (or sugar/carbs/fuel) needed to actually keep moving, but the GOOD fuel or nutrients in the fuel that make you run well!  Go eat a cheeseburger and try to run vs eating a turkey sandwich and or some fruits and veggies…..So, if you are electrolyte depleted, you might be able to still keep moving or running, but it won’t be at your optimal speed or efficiency.

Dehydration and Electrolytes

How are Dehydration and Electrolytes related?

There are three types of dehydration:

1.  hyponatremic (primary loss of electrolytes)

2. hypernatremic (primary loss of water) and

3. isonatraemic (equal loss of water and electrolytes).

As most of us have experienced with minor dehydration, the first signs are excessive thirst, headaches, (ever felt like you had a hangover without even imbibing?), dizziness or even nausea.  You drink to thirst trying to satisfy your body’s cravings, but most likely if you are experiencing these extreme symptoms your body has also lost a great deal of electrolytes and replenishing with only water will not alleviate and restore your body’s needs.

How will supplementing with electrolytes benefit athletic performance?

Dehydration alone (loss of water) can decrease an athletes performance by about 30%.  However, water is not the only factor.  Loss of electrolytes with increased sweat (higher in hot temperatures), diminish the rate at which your body can balance PH causing a change in body temperature regulation.

Heart rate rises trying to decrease your body temperature, fatigue sets in and it can even cause your to be confused and cell function decreases (muscle function).  All things that will negatively impact athletic performance.

Finding a supplement that contains a balance of all essential electrolytes will give your body the best chance at both staying hydrated and maintaining electrolyte balance.

What do I need to look for in a supplement?

The key thing to remember about electrolytes is that they are more than just salt.  While sodium and chloride are essential for nerve function (activates muscles), they do not work alone.  Sodium actually relies on potassium, another important electrolyte, to bring nutrients into the body as well as remove waste.  These two work together by means of the sodium potassium pump.

Calcium plays a key role in glycogen metabolism (using fuel for energy).  Magnesium might be the most looked over electrolyte, because most people are more aware of the importance of salt and potassium.  However, magnesium can actually have a direct effect on all other electrolytes.

How to stay hydrated AND keep electrolyte balance.

Always drink to thirst.  If you are exercising in extreme heat or high levels of exertion, use an electrolyte supplement with the key essential vitamins and minerals (sodium chloride, potassium, calcium, and magnesium).  With prolonged exercise you will need to supplement these electrolytes more often, just as you would with the proper fuel.