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Electrolyte Imbalance, the Perfect Storm That Stops the Fiesta

This article will bring you an unprecedented view of the entire electrolyte system as we know the best decision for determining a solution is a well-informed one. Yes, we’ve heard the story many times. You’re searching the internet to relieve some irritating symptoms you have and your self-diagnosis brings you to find that you might have an electrolyte imbalance. Next, you start to search for a strong electrolyte solution.

While we know that the symptoms you may be experiencing can be more than menacing, (and in some cases life threatening) choosing a solution to your electrolyte imbalance issue that will actually work can be tough. Especially if you don’t thoroughly understand what that is all about.

Like you, we’ve been researching as well. In fact, we’re confident that after you invest your time learning from this article, you’ll be on your way to understanding that finding the best electrolyte replacement is easier to find that you thought.

We are energy

electrical brain pulse graphicWe are walking, talking electricity generating human machines. Our bodies function on electrical impulses that control every movement and everything we do from thinking a thought to picking up a glass, to reading this article. Without the energy that is created in our bodies, our leg wouldn’t move when we want to take a step or we wouldn’t feel a pin prick by an accidental poking. Oh, and our heart would stop beating and our brain would just literally shut down. (Insert record skip here)

How the body makes electricity

Our cells are made up of atoms. Atoms are the foundation of matter. Our bodies are matter, thus atoms make up our bodies. Okay, now that has been established we also know that it takes a strong jolt of electricity to jump start a heart when it stops beating and that there are electrical pulses in our bodies which help our brain function, but did you know that the body actually makes its own electricity? It doesn’t just exist in our bodies, we actually generate it.

To make this easy, think of an atom similar to that of an apple. When an apple is cut open at the center you’ll find the core or nucleus. Now imagine that inside the flesh of the apple you’ll find the three amigos; a positive charged proton, a neutral charged neutron and negative charged electron. These three work together to create an atmosphere that is ever changing, yet incredibly predictable.

Let’s get this party started

The three amigos are charged energy infused atoms that can’t help but start a little fiesta and dance the night away. As they move about, we find that one of the three amigos becomes the dominant charge and causes the atom to take on that characteristic of energy; persuading it to become either a positive or negative atom which then wobbles out of balance. Next like little fist bumps, the atoms dance and jostle against each other, causing the exchange of electricity that flows between and through them to move at supersonic speeds.

Just how fast is that? Faster than a Mexican jumping bean, that’s for sure. As quickly as they bump into one another they exchange charges back and forth from a positive to a negative, to a positive to a negative and so on….nearly instantaneous. That’s supersonic fast!

As the fiesta continues the atoms really start to boogie, this kind of fancy footwork generates enough energy to put those atoms inside a micro space shuttle, if you will, that transports that energy as signals throughout our nervous system taking the dance party on the road. This makes it possible for our body to function. However, those signals need the perfect environment to help keep the highway open and move to their next destination without disruption or misfires.

Enter the importance of blood minerals

We’ve been taught all of our lives on the importance to take our daily vitamin pack that is full of all the good vitamins and minerals that we’re supposed to need. However, what you probably don’t know is that without minerals the awesome supersonic fast energy that’s created by the three amigos has no way to travel throughout your body to keep your heart beating and your brain functioning.

Minerals create the highway so the three amigos (energy) can safely travel in their shuttle through your blood and nervous system to their final destination. The highway needs to stay clear and free of road construction to keep flowing. Minerals help regulate water and fluids which convey and assist the three amigos in their micro space shuttle (energy signals) that were blasted from the nervous system, to stay on track. One clog or misfire and a traffic jam occurs preventing the three amigos from traveling their intended distance and the dance party comes to a halt. While in most cases that might not be life threatening, the results of several traffic jams could be very difficult on your body causing electrolyte imbalance.

What are electrolytes and are they all equal?

There is a class of blood minerals whose primary role is to carry an electric charge and keep the body functioning properly. These are electrolytes. They maintain muscle movement, blood chemistry and a host of other body processes. In our Supplement Comparison we list all the different types of minerals that are imperative for maintaining a healthy and balanced cellular system.

Next, there is no such thing as a strong electrolyte. One is not stronger than the other, but they are not equal either. They are simply part of the family of minerals, each with a specific role in the balance of your body.

The two types of electrolytes

Macro minerals are electrolytes that are needed in large quantities as they have a bigger role to fill. They are specific to bones, muscles, and heart and brain functions. These are sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, potassium and phosphate.

Trace minerals are also electrolytes and are needed in small quantities but are still important. Trace minerals are specific for regulating hormone levels and metabolism. Trace minerals are iodine, chromium, selenium, zinc, copper, iron, fluoride, manganese and molybdenum.

So again, you see that they aren’t all equal and what you need depends completely on what role they play and how they’re out of balance—which is indicative of electrolyte imbalance symptoms.

What is electrolyte imbalance?

As we shared in our previous article on “Why Does Our Body Need Electrolytes”, at the point that our electrolytes become out of balance, we can either endelectrolyte system in a body up with an overabundance of certain electrolytes or not quite enough that create the perfect storm for misfires and causes the micro space shuttle transporting the fiesta and three amigos to stop. Thus the energy pulses are not fulfilling their destinies of reaching their intended targets and the symptoms is this imbalance appear.

Electrolyte imbalance happens from not getting enough fluids or sweating from heavy exercise to having a tummy bug that causes dehydration. It can cause seizures, chest pain and swelling. Or, electrolytes can fall out of balance by over indulging in your favorite mojito during happy hour after work on a Friday night causing a hangover you promised yourself you’d never have twice! Once electrolytes are out of balance everything from severe leg cramps to extreme fatigue and headaches interrupt your daily routine. Even worse, they can cause heart and kidney issues.

Cancer patients that are taking chemotherapy drugs also suffer from electrolyte imbalance from TLS or tumor lysis syndrome. The common side effects of taking chemotherapy drugs are fever, diarrhea, vomiting and loss of bodily fluids among others. With TLS, these symptoms increase fatigue, dehydration, renal failure and other complications from anticancer treatments. Taking a daily electrolyte replacement supplement may help alleviate the additional complications to these common side effects of the chemotherapy medications, bringing some welcomed relief to an already uncomfortable treatment.

We’re excited about this possible solution and our research team is exploring this further. We will report our findings as soon as they become available.

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No matter which electrolyte is out of balance, taking a daily supplement will help regulate all of the systems that are dependent on both macro minerals and trace minerals. Eating a few bananas or drinking your daily dose of Gatorade won’t actually do the trick in ending your search to find the best electrolyte replacement. If that is your goal, then we’re thrilled that you’ve stumbled upon this article that will help you restore your good health and balance with Recovery e21.

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