How to Cure a Hangover

Celebrations happen all year long. From birthday parties to promotions at the office and even chocolate and wine with your love on Valentine’s Day. It seems like we’re always in some sort of celebration season.  The reasons to party go on; holidays and holiday parties, even Aunt Sally loves getting hammered and dancing naked around the backyard on 4th of July. A weeknight dinner out with friends and coworkers can turn into a stop off for a fun night cap at a local pub; we know that it takes a lot to not to indulge in your favorite libation when given a reason to celebrate!

man with a hangoverEspecially when it comes to tossing your head back under the Fireball machine! That’s when you really know the party has started, we all want to enjoy the company we’re with and be able to knock back a few without waking up feeling like we were a part of the Crash Test Dummy team the night before.

The solution seems simple. Just don’t do it, right? Well, in a perfect world yes, that would be true. However, the next morning is so painful, we always vow that we will Never. Drink. Again. But, almost 95% of us will do it again, and again, and again. While we’re out carrying on like a wild bunch of free teenagers during spring break, the last thing we think about is what we’ll feel like later.

There are good things and bad things to do when trying a new remedy for such a painful assault on our bodies. The first thing we tend to do is search the internet for the best hangover cure only to come up with ideas for hangover prevention with no solid results. Again, prevention is not drinking at all. We know that one is out!

Here’s a list of 3 of the top things we’ve found on how to cure a hangover. One might turn your stomach, another one will have you running the other way and the last one is definitely a sure (our) way to make it through your party knowing you’ll be just fine the next day and in nearly perfect form.

Greasy Food:

One myth as described in this article by Two Views explains that people think they should eat greasy food the next morning and you’ll be fine.

If you understand the science behind what actually causes a hangover, you’ll understand that it all starts in the liver. Your liver can only process so much alcohol over a period of time and the rest of alcohol by products end up in your blood stream. It’s these left overs that make us feel so horrible the next day. So it’s suggested that if you consume fatty foods before you start drinking that quadruple margarita on the rocks will take longer to process in your system.

Things like bread and pasta help slow the absorption rate of alcohol into your liver. So go ahead, eat that giant extra cheese with bacon, ham and corned beef burger. You’re going to feel like a slug anyway, right? You may as well skip that fancy footwork you’ve been practicing all week because you won’t be the dancing queen you imagined after a meal like that.

Sure if you were to carb load with a huge pasta dish with a side of tasty garlic bread, you might avoid hurling before bed. But can you just imagine what that is going to feel like before you stroll out for your party? You’re not going to want to go anywhere, that’s for sure. And if you wait to eat until you’re at the party—you don’t want to end up looking like you’re eating your last meal for goodness sake.

We aren’t saying to skip your dinner or meal before you eat, everyone knows that it’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach. So this cure to the pending doom of a hangover you’re bound to have in the morning, we’re not so excited about.

IV Therapy:

Yes, you read that right. For fast track jet setters it’s trended in Twitter and all over social media lately that stars like Rhianna, Rita Ora and Simon Cowell have used this method to feel better and stay energized. As a result we’re seeing the emergence of a new trend as Urgent Care clinics all over the country are starting to treat hangovers with an intravenous saline drip.

Throbbing headaches, nausea and all over body malaise are all symptoms that seem to dissipate quickly once you finally are able to be seen. But don’t expect your insurance to cover you on this one. You’ll pay upwards of $200 (OUCH!) out of pocket just to feel better so you can make roll call to an early morning meeting in near peek shape.

This isn’t a new concept though, according to this video by the Associated Press, Hangover Heaven, which started in Vegas on the strip in 2012, will come to your hotel room or service your hangover needs inside their bus on the strip via IV drip.

Let’s just cut to the chase on this one. I don’t know about you—but I hate needles!! I’m going to run from anything that has to do with them! The last thing I’m going to want to do when I feel that crappy is go and have an IV put in my arm!! And.. I’m not in Vegas or even remotely want to spend $200 for a doctor visit I don’t need. Isn’t there a better way to cure a hangover?

Simple answer is yes there is a better way. And it’s not only better, it’s the best thing for a hangover available on the market today.

Electrolyte Replacement Products are becoming more well known as a hangover cure. Adding electrolytes before and while drinking is the key to the best hangover prevention.


You’re probably wondering why we’d discuss a topic like a hangover on our health and fitness site. Well, we have a good reason to. Most people don’t know

that Recovery e21 is an amazing cure for hangovers.

Here’s why it works:

Dehydration and the alcohol toxins that are left in our bodies are what cause the majority of our hangover issues. Recovery e21 is an all organic way to rehydrate with a full spectrum of electrolytes. It helps replace minerals in your tissues that support full electronic impulses that aids in moving those toxins out and hydration in. If you don’t trust us, just read some of our many customer reviews on our Facebook page.

Now you can party like a rock star and know you’ll be just fine. It’s easy! Take 2 tablets with a full glass of water before you head out the door and repeat with the same before you go to bed! Hangover prevention is just around the corner. This little known secret happens to be the best hangover cure on the market today! Give it a try!

Unfortunately, e21 is no longer available.  Please try an alternate HERE.