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Electrolytes in Food

Eating a healthy balanced diet is the best way to ensure you are getting your daily intake of all essential vitamins and minerals.  While some athletes will need to supplement their diets, having knowledge of which foods have the highest nutritional content should be considered first. Electrolytes are needed to regulate nerve and muscle function […]

What is electrolyte depletion?

Many body functions rely on electrolytes to work properly.  They are chemicals that form electrically charged ions in body fluids.  So, if we need them to function, but we are losing these ions via sweat or other loss of liquid it is pretty easy to understand how our body would respond negatively, right? What are […]

Dehydration and Electrolytes

How are Dehydration and Electrolytes related? There are three types of dehydration: 1.  hyponatremic (primary loss of electrolytes) 2. hypernatremic (primary loss of water) and 3. isonatraemic (equal loss of water and electrolytes). As most of us have experienced with minor dehydration, the first signs are excessive thirst, headaches, (ever felt like you had a […]

Top 10 Moments from the 2012 Ironman World Championships

I remember hearing about Kona years ago when I first started doing triathlons.  It was something that seemed so far out of reach I didn’t think twice about it.  Then, I find myself 10 years later after multiple Ironman finishes and some great improvements over the years thinking what if?  So, where does that leave […]

Nutrition Supplements for Athletes

I eat healthy, why would I need to take additional supplements? First, lets start of by saying that a well balanced,  healthy diet is the first step to getting all of the nutrients your body needs.  Healthy, organic and natural foods help the body process and absorb nutrition best.  That said, studies have shown that […]

Recovering From Muscle Soreness

What causes sore muscles? There are many ways to cause sore muscles, but typically any sort of overuse or strenuous activity that pushes our body and muscles in new ways will cause sore muscles.   Tiny micro tears will cause pain, working as our body’s defense to what we are doing to it!  Some people experience […]

What if I eat a healthy diet, but still have muscle cramps?

What is a muscle cramp? Any involuntary contraction of a muscle can be described as a muscle cramp.  They can happen during activity or exercise, but they can also happen when we are sleeping or even just resting.  Cramping occurs most often in calves, thighs and arch of foot and are often times referred to […]

How Does The Sodium & Potassium Pump Work?

And why is it important to maintain Electrolyte Balance? There is no dummy-way to describe the function or definition of the Sodium Potassium Pump, so this description will start out a bit more scientific then I would like, but will hopefully make sense in the end.  By definition, the Sodium Potassium Pump is “A mechanism […]

Magnesium And Muscle Cramps

How does magnesium relate to muscle cramps? Leg and calf cramps are two of the most common muscle cramps people experience. Athletes are prone to them due to depletion and or lack of vital nutrients in their diet. These involuntary cramps can come with no warning, and stop you in your tracks while running, swimming, […]