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Chrissie Wellington Retires

She has been dubbed the greatest female endurance athlete in history.  She blew everyone away in 2007, her first year as a professional triathlete, by winning the Ironman World Championships in Kona.  It was her first attempt.  Chrissie Wellington went on to win every single race. She has never been beaten at the Iron distance, […]

Aerobic Training Benefits

What is aerobic training? Aerobic training can also be simply called “cardio.”  Run, walk, bike, swim, row, etc.  Any gym you go into will have a “cardio” section with fitness equipment.  It is basically any physical exercise done at low intensity that can be performed for extended periods of time. What are some key benefits […]

Muscle Healing Supplements

What can I do to help my sore or injured muscles heal faster? Fatigued and overused muscles can often result in muscle strains, soreness and/or muscle injuries. Starting your workouts with a proper warmup, hydration, cool-down and stretching can help prevent injury to muscles fibers. A nutritional diet can also help promote healthy muscles as […]

IronMan Week – Arizona Style

For most athletes November is the off season for triathlon, the beginning of run season, or time to step away from the day to day grind and enjoy our friends and families over the Holidays.  Days are shorter, mornings dark and cold, motivation sometimes lacking.  We spend time reflecting on our past season, planning and […]

Muscle Cramps in Your Feet and Toes

Why do we experience these cramps? Our feet & toes experience muscle cramps more than any other muscle in the body. They take a beating day in and day out with the majority of our body weight being transferred to our feet as we move around.  These cramps are an involuntary spasm that can be […]

Symptoms of Electrolytes Imbalance

Electrolytes, specifically in the body, are salts and minerals (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Chloride) that aid in many bodily functions.  They help control heart and nerve functions, as well as muscle control.  Most importantly, they help the body absorb fluids and maintain a balance of electrolytes. What causes Electrolyte Imbalance? Hyper and Hyponatremia are […]

Health and Nutrition Supplements

A health and nutrition supplement is anything that is intended to provide additional nutrients that may be missing from a diet.  Sometimes these essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs and fatty acids are just not observed at levels needed for the body to function at an optimal state.  These supplements may be found in […]

What helps muscle recovery?

The easiest and most effective way to recover sore and tired muscles is to rest them.  Letting your muscles recover from a hard, strenuous workout is just as important as the workout itself, and will help improve fitness.  Recovery is necessary for both muscle and tissue repair. While some people have a huge mental struggle […]

How Do I Increase Aerobic Capacity?

What is Aerobic Capacity and why is it important? Aerobic Capacity can also described as your Vo2 max;  the ability to use oxygen to produce energy.  If you think about it comparing 2 runners out for a jog together.  One is chatting away effortlessly at an XX pace, while the other is unable to hold […]

Endurance Athlete Supplements

What is a supplement? A supplement can be defined or described using the base of the word.  Anything used to supplement, or add to, making it whole.  When describing a diet, it would be to supplement or make up for a deficiency, for example Iron.  If you are Iron deficient, also known as anemic, you […]