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Causes for Concern, Nighttime Muscle Cramps As We Age

It should be concerning. The medical community has proven that nighttime leg cramps increase with age. In fact, most non athletic adults will experience their first nighttime leg cramp around age 50. While these horrible experiences can be unbearable, they are manageable. What are Nighttime Leg Cramps? A foot and leg cramp episode may go […]

How to Cure a Hangover

Celebrations happen all year long. From birthday parties to promotions at the office and even chocolate and wine with your love on Valentine’s Day. It seems like we’re always in some sort of celebration season.  The reasons to party go on; holidays and holiday parties, even Aunt Sally loves getting hammered and dancing naked around […]

Electrolyte Imbalance, the Perfect Storm That Stops the Fiesta

This article will bring you an unprecedented view of the entire electrolyte system as we know the best decision for determining a solution is a well-informed one. Yes, we’ve heard the story many times. You’re searching the internet to relieve some irritating symptoms you have and your self-diagnosis brings you to find that you might […]

What Is Good For Leg Cramps: Top Tips For Relief!

It’s been said that leg cramps don’t discriminate—they can affect anyone at any time in the eye of the perfect physical storm. They can feel like everything from a small muscle twitch to full on body assault—shocking us into submission as they demand our complete and pain-filled attention. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or […]

Don’t Let Joint Pain Force You To The Sidelines

We talk a lot about muscle cramps, but what about joint pain?  Runners and triathletes (as well as the normal people), tend to get joint pain in their knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, and hands/fingers – especially in association with arthritis. So, we’ve put together our Top 10 Joint Pain Remedies, as well as a couple […]

Hey – What About Us Normal People!

We write about athletes a lot here, it’s true. I’m Not An Athlete & I Get Leg Cramps! It’s true, Recovery e21 helps a lot of people outside the athletic realm.  So it’s LONG overdue to write a bit about those cases as well.  I will talk forever about triathlon, given the chance, so forgive […]

IronMan and Discussing Feelings Don’t Mix

IronMan Coeur d’Alene is the plan of the day around here, and it got me thinking about racing and training. We recently discussed getting too much or too little electrolytes, but that’s not really the topic for today.  What I wanted to discuss today was…how those things make us FEEL.  And how important is that […]

Why Does Our Body Need Electrolytes?

It seems that there is plenty of information out there about how much electrolyte different products contain, and plenty of electrolyte products, but we’re left with one question: Why does our body need electrolytes? Good question.  And to answer it, let’s go back to some basic science classes.  Sorry if this dredges up memories of […]

The Weather, She Is Warming

It’s starting to get warmer out there! For many, that means finally getting off the trainer…away from the dreadmill…into open water.  In other words: Go Outside! What a great time of the year.  It’s finally warm enough to do the things we love outside.  Kids are playing baseball, non-cyclists are riding their beach cruisers all […]

I’m Grumpy When I’m Injured

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted…and that’s because I ended up with an injury. After returning from our epic triathlon camp, the next week or two went really well.  Things were on a roll!  Then, on one day, I did a strength training session followed immediately by a long swim.  Halfway through the […]