What is Recovery e21?

To find the best recovery & electrolyte balance supplement, you must first consider the importance of supplements on your body. There are many different kinds of supplements, but there are only a select few that are made by people who only use natural vitamins and minerals that can only help your body get into better shape, not hurt it. But finding these legitimate companies can be difficult. The best workout or post workout supplement will have certain qualities that lower quality pills will not.

Recovery e21 can assist your body to perform at its best. e21 is an organic, full-spectrum electrolyte replacement capsule. Because its 114 elements are derived from a natural, single cell marine algae, these elements are totally bio-available to your body when it needs them. Other synthetic electrolyte products require the body to break through the synthetic chain they create and these synthetic compositions are often excreted before your body can use them.

All Natural Ingredients

For the best recovery supplement, it must contain all natural ingredients. The most important ingredients are found naturally and can be obtained from a meal post workout. However, eating right away can extend recovery time between workouts for proper digestion. And extended training can deplete the body to the point that eating enough to replenish the supply is nearly impossible.

So, finding a recovery supplement with ingredients like magnesium for cardiovascular and muscle function, calcium for regulating blood pressure, and potassium for heart function and muscle contraction is pertinent to fast recovery time.

Recovery e21 is totally natural and organic.  If you want to look after your body you should protect it from supplements that are synthetic and full of colorants and preservatives.

Recovery e21 is also the only product that contains a full spectrum of all the electrolytes an athlete needs to recover faster and so train harder.  Better recovery = better training.

recovery e21

Boosts Your Energy

An effective recovery supplement will boost your energy and your recovery time between workouts. Magnesium creates constant blood flow, which boosts energy flowing through your body. When your body is getting the right nutrients, your muscles can exert more energy for longer stretches of time. You can get more workouts in with a shorter recovery period in between without hurting your body or getting exhausted and needing extra rest.


Magnesium plays a significant role in the biochemical processes of the body, including muscle function and relaxation, cardiovascular function and production and flow of energy. In addition to Magnesium’s role in many biochemical processes of the body, it also helps to conduct nerve impulses throughout the body to prevent feelings of fatigue. Recovery e21 contains approximately 15% of the recommended daily dose of Magnesium.

Faster Rehydration Recovery

The most important thing to remember with post workout recovery is to hydrate. Without proper rehydration, muscles can cramp up and create more problems. With proper supplementation, hydration can stop leg cramps with the help of potassium to relax the muscles and electrolytes to balance the cells in the body. This mix of vitamins and minerals helps a runner or athlete stick to their routine without feeling too tired after a hard workout a day or two later.

High Nutrition Diet

Protein rich foods help build muscle mass after workouts for amino acids, which get broken down through exercise. Carbohydrates need to be included in a nutritious diet to have enough glycogen in the muscles for the next workout. Glycogen is a glucose deposit in the tissues of the body where carbohydrates are stored. When muscles are contracted, glycogen is released into the body to help aid in workouts. There is much disagreement about proper nutrition, so please follow the advice of your health care professional.

Boosts Electrolyte Levels

Electrolytes can be found in sodium, magnesium, and chloride, to name a few. These work together to balance the levels of fluids in the body for high performance. Sodium aids in the healthy balance of acid in the cells for muscle contraction. Chloride is a supplement that helps digestion that can be lost through sweating. Without electrolytes, blood pressure can rise and fluid can build up in the body. Electrolytes are important in a recovery supplement that sports drinks and energy bars don’t always have.


Sodium is essential for healthy acid-base balance in the cells of the body and for muscle contraction.


It is the most abundant electrolyte outside of the cell and also helps in preserving a healthy acid-base balance. It is essential for the efficient exchange of oxygen in the cells.

It is best to be aware of the amount of nutrition and electrolytes that your body is getting post workout because this can and will affect your future exercising routine. There is the possibility that without a recovery supplement, you may end up hurting your body by skipping some of these tips, especially if you think that you are already getting all the nourishment you need. For experienced athletes and those who have been working out for a while this may be enough, but having an extra supplement can always help.


Calcium also plays a role in many of the body processes. It plays a critical role in nerve transmission, heart function, blood-pressure regulation and blood clotting.


Potassium is essential for muscle contraction (especially the heart muscle) and helps to support cardiovascular function. It is also the electrolyte which helps maintain water and acid-base.

Choosing the right supplements will help athletes train and ultimately improve performance. Athletes will be able to workout longer in heat, sunshine, and even workout again after only a few hours. With trained doctors and scientists on our side helping educate the public, Recovery e21 is one of the best on the market.


In addition to the many benefits that a recovery supplement poses, getting enough sleep is paramount to success. This will also help boost energy and help you recover overnight. Stretching before and after working out is also important for proper muscle function and movement. Many people forgo stretching and can cramp up leg muscles that, without an extra supplement, can take hours to heal. Drinking lots of water in addition to a recovery supplement is essential, as the supplement is not an alternative.

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